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How to Care for Your Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Hi there! Keeping your Wild Moonstone jewelry in great condition is easy with a few simple steps.

Gold Filled and Sterling Silver:

  • Remember to take off your jewelry before showering or getting it wet.
  • If it does get wet, dry it off with a soft cloth.
  • Sterling silver will naturally oxidize over time, but it's easily fixable with a jewelry cleaner or baking soda and water.

Metal Cuffs: Copper, Aluminum & Brass:

  • Aluminum cuffs are low maintenance and can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • Brass and copper cuffs can be polished with 0000 steel for a brilliant shine.
  • If you want to remove dirt and patina, try the "ketchup method".
  • The cuff is 6" with a 1.5" opening that can be adjusted, but be gentle to avoid weakening the metal.
  • Store your cuff in its original box or bag to avoid patina and tarnish.

Take care of your jewelry and it will last a long time!