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How to Care for Your Gold and Sterling Silver Jewelry

Gold Filled and Sterling Silver Jewelry
– Always take off your jewelry before showering. If you shower in your jewelry, simply remove after showering and dry it off with a soft cloth. Sterling silver will tarnish/oxidize over time. Not to worry, this is not permanent. A simple jewelry cleaner or baking soda and water can bring back the brilliant shine.

– You can purchase polishing pads for your 14K gold-filled, sterling silver, or brass pieces. The polishing pads are easy to use and bring back the original brilliant shine.

If your chain acquires build-up, simply soak it in a little warm water and mild soap for 2-3 minutes. Immediately dry it with a soft cloth.

Metal Cuffs: Copper, Aluminum & Brass 

– Aluminum Cuffs: Aluminum is pretty low maintenance. Clean with a soft cloth and a little soap and water. Dry off immediately after cleaning.

– Brass & Copper Cuffs: You can use 0000 steel to polish your jewelry. This extra fine steel brings back the brilliant shine. When polishing, go in one direction, up or down, and try not to make circles. Circles will leave swirl marks. A simple and easy (non-toxic) way to remove dirt and patina is to use the “ketchup” method. Place the cuff in a container and cover it with ketchup. Let it sit for 10-20 minutes. Remove, rinse, and dry off immediately with a soft cloth. Voila! Like new again.

– Find your fit: the cuff measures 6″ with a 1.5″ opening that can be gently squeezed together for a smaller size or opened up to increase the size. This metal is very forgiving and adjusts easily. Refrain from over adjusting, as it will weaken the metal.

– Store your cuff in the box/bag it comes in to avoid patina (natural darkening) and tarnish. Avoid exposure to moisture.